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Dan River Water Inc. will be providing new water service in the Wet Stone Creek Road and the Bent Farm Road Area in 2017.  Please call the office at 336-623-2526 for more information.

Rate Increase Feb. 1, 2020


4,000-10,000-$6.85 Per Thousand

10,000-20,000-$6.87 Per Thousand

20,000-40,000-$6.91 Per Thousand

40,000-100,000-$6.99 Per Thousand

100,000-Over-$7.09 Per Thousand

Extra User Fee-$20.00

Drop Meter Charge-$230.00

Membership Fee-$20.00


Tap Fee-$1,400.00

Reconnect Fee-$100.00

Late Fee-$30.00